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Licensing Data Recovery Environments

Licensing Oracle programs that are installed and/or running in Data Recovery. Licensing Requirement: All Copying, synchronization, and mirroring of the data and/or program files requires licensing Data and optional Oracle binaries are copied to another storage device therefore all programs installed and/or running must be licensed Testing: A testing allowance (up to four times, not […]

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Licensing Metrics

Named User Plus (NUP) Definition: Named User Plus metric is defined as individuals authorized to use Oracle programs installed on single or multiple servers regardless if individual is actively using the programs at any given time. Licensing considerations include: Human and non-human operated devices are counted towards NUP license Batch processing from computer to computer […]

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General Licensing Information Concepts

What does an Oracle License Grant You? Oracle’s Software Licenses give you a non-exclusive and limited right to use the software. Usage privileges depend on many factors, as such: • License Types outline the restrictions on customer’s usage Full Use license is without restrictions and allows usage that is full functionality Application Specific Full Use […]

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5 Reasons to think More Strategically About License and SAM.

Why should organisations think more strategically about their approach to license and asset management? It’s a discussion that was initiated during an executive forum at Oracle OpenWorld, which included attendees from organizations ranging from Telefónica SA, Shell, and BNP Paribas, to US Magnesium, Rabobank and Cerner Corporation. The conversations led to some thought provoking conclusions […]

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