Licensing Data Recovery Environments

Licensing Data Recovery Environments

Licensing Oracle programs that are installed and/or running in Data Recovery.

Licensing Requirement: All Copying, synchronization, and mirroring of the data and/or program files requires licensing

  • Data and optional Oracle binaries are copied to another storage device therefore all programs installed and/or running must be licensed

Testing: A testing allowance (up to four times, not to exceed two days per testing in any given calendar year) is granted for physical copies of backups as follows:

  • For Oracle database program only, test on an unlicensed spare computer
  • Does not allow for any other data recovery methods, such as remote mirroring or synchronization
  • Not applicable in a virtualized environment

Licensing Failover Data Recovery.

Failover Data Recovery is an exception which allows for one unlicensed server/node in a clustered environment sharing single storage and requires the following:

  • Allows an exception to run the Oracle programs on one unlicensed node up to ten separate 24-hour periods in any given calendar year
  • If failover periods exceed ten separate 24- hour periods the failover node must be licensed
  • When the primary node fails, the failover node acts as the primary node. Once the primary node is repaired the customer must switch back to the primary node or designate that repaired node as the failover node
  • Same license metric must be used for production and failover nodes and options must match the number of licenses of the associated database

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