Licensing Metrics

Licensing Metrics

Named User Plus (NUP) Definition: Named User Plus metric is defined as individuals authorized to use Oracle programs installed on single or multiple servers regardless if individual is actively using the programs at any given time. Licensing considerations include:

  • Human and non-human operated devices are counted towards NUP license
  • Batch processing from computer to computer is permitted and does not require counting users at the front of the batch process
  • If multiplexing hardware or software is used, multiplexing is counted at the front end

Named User Plus Metric Considerations

  • User minimum for products may apply
  • Licensed at the greater of either user minimum (if applicable) or actual users

Named User Plus (NUP) definition includes Batching and Multiplexing:

Batching is an activity that allows a group of tasks occurring at different times to be processed at the same time with little interaction from the user and includes:

  • Automated batching is copying data from computer to computer where the database is running, this is permitted and does not require licensing users in front of batch processing
  • In manual batching or import/export of flat files, the individual users who are performing the transaction needs to be licensed

Multiplexing is when a large number of end users and/or devices access a system via an interface, such as TP monitor or a web server product, so that the apparent number of users and/or devices accessing the system is much smaller than the actual number of users and/or devices

  • If multiplexing hardware or software used, license at the multiplexing front end

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