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Oracle Technology Software Licensing Virtualized Environments

What is Partitioning? “Partitioning” occurs when the CPUs on a server are separated into individual sections where each section acts as a separate system. Sometimes this is called “segmenting.” There are several hardware and software virtualization technologies available that deliver partitioning capabilities, with varying degree of resource allocation flexibility. The purpose of this policy document […]

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Oracle Applications Licensing

Featured Application Product Lines include the following: Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards Oracle Applications Licensing. Licensing Models offer flexibility for purchasing programs in different pricing models such as – Component, Custom Application Bundle (CAS) or Enterprise Licensing metrics allow customers to purchase licenses based on user or usage-based counts for component pricing, bundle […]

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Oracle Product Migrations

By Aziz Islam. Migrations involve many different older licensing and pricing metrics and methodologies and are affected by the rights granted under the original licenses. Why migration? There could be many reasons that necessitate an Oracle software license migration. I.e. To ensure that licenses remain useful and valuable over time, Changes in technologies and businesses […]

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