Oracle Applications Licensing

Featured Application Product Lines include the following:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite,
  • PeopleSoft,
  • Siebel,
  • JD Edwards

Oracle Applications Licensing.

Licensing Models offer flexibility for purchasing programs in different pricing models such as –

  • Component,
  • Custom Application Bundle (CAS) or
  • Enterprise

Licensing metrics allow customers to purchase licenses based on user or usage-based counts for component pricing, bundle users across select programs for CAS pricing or company-wide type of usage for enterprise pricing.

Oracle Applications Licensing Models.

Following are the lincensing models that are offered by Oracle.

  • Component Model is an à la carte type of pricing for an individual product. Metrics available are:
    • User-based metrics such as Application User, Employee, Subscriber, etc
    • Usage-based metrics such as Electronic Order Lines, Expense Reports and $M Costs Of Goods Sold, etc
  • Custom Application Suite Model allows creating custom bundles across select product lines based on needs for specific user populations
    • Custom Suite User is the only metric available and refers to the individual authorized to use any of the products included in the bundle and assembled across different application product lines
  • Enterprise Model is ideal for large companies to license an individual product for their entire organization without the need to keep track of specific users, servers, or deployment locations
    • Metrics refers to companywide values, e.g. Enterprise $M in Revenue

Oracle Applications Licensing Environments Example.

For Oracle Applications Licensing:

  • In most cases, add-on products must match both the number of licenses and metric of the associated product (parent). These products are noted as Options.
  • Minimums are used in conjunction with license metrics and refer to the minimum number of licenses a customer is required to purchase when licensing Oracle programs for the first time.
  • Oracle Applications product lines are supported to run on top of Oracle Technology products.
  • For certain Oracle Application product lines, Oracle Technology products are included as restricted use or separately licensed.

Applications Licensing Environments Example.

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Financials – “Application User” is defined as an individual authorized by you to use the applicable licensed programs which are installed on a single or multiple servers regardless of whether the individual is actively using the programs at any given time.

This product is licensed by the Application User metric. Number of Application User licenses required is 40.

  • Users of EBS Financial application would need to be licensed and Manager Users who validate and/or approve the invoices in EBS would need to be counted for licensing in addition to the Finance Department Users.
  • Due to modifications made, Full Use licensing will be required for the underlying EBS restricted use technology set of products. See Application Licensing Table for further information on modifications.

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