5 Reasons to think More Strategically About License and SAM.

Strategic Thinking About License & SAM – FIVE Reasons.

Why should organisations think more strategically about their approach to license and asset management? It’s a discussion that was initiated during an executive forum at Oracle OpenWorld, which included attendees from organizations ranging from Telefónica SA, Shell, and BNP Paribas, to US Magnesium, Rabobank and Cerner Corporation. The conversations led to some thought provoking conclusions and acted as the inspiration for further investigations. This paper is a direct result, exploring five key reasons that highlight how the growing complexity of IT architectures demands a more strategic capability for managing assets across their extended lifecycle:

• Improved use of IT resources
• Reduced cost and risk
• Dealing with disruption
• Achieving closer alignment with the business vision
• Improved IT investment decisions

The analysis of this subject ultimately highlights how technology is becoming indivisible from business strategy, how IT remains among the largest and fastest growing investment areas for most companies, and how it is fundamental to future growth.

This paper explores the value of unraveling this licensing dilemma to gain actionable insight into the balance between business consumption and IT service delivery. It will focus on both the challenges facing organizations and the benefits that can be achieved, if a more centralized, coordinated and proactive approach to license and asset management is adopted.

I hope it makes for interesting reading, and contributes to a conversation centered on improving the value, effectiveness and utilization levels of deployed IT assets.

Jonathan Koop, Vice President, LMS, Oracle

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