General Licensing Information Concepts

General Licensing Information Concepts

What does an Oracle License Grant You?

Oracle’s Software Licenses give you a non-exclusive and limited right to use the software. Usage privileges depend on many factors, as such:

License Types outline the restrictions on customer’s usage

  1. Full Use license is without restrictions and allows usage that is full functionality
  2. Application Specific Full Use is specific to run only with the defined application and may come with additional restrictions
  3. Embedded License is limited to embed Oracle technology with defined application and has further restrictions on install, package, configure and access

License Term provides the timeline for customer’s usage

  1. Perpetual License is the right to use the license perpetually
  2. As of September 1, 2020, Oracle has ended the availability of term licenses for all on-premise software with the exception of specific Oracle Technology products; contact your Oracle sales representative for more information. Existing customers paying support on their term licenses will remain supported through the end of their term.

License Metrics determine how software usage is measured. e.g. Per Named User Plus, Application User, or Processor metric

Use of Oracle Software requires Customers to license the respective Oracle programs in:

• Production Environments

• Non-Production Environments such as:

  1. Development
  2. Quality Assurance/Testing & Staging
  3. Disaster Recovery

Oracle Technology Licensing:

Featured Technology Programs include the following:

  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Middleware
  • Oracle Software Management Packs
  • And Oracle Developer Tools

Licensing Metrics include primarily Named User Plus or Processor metric (next block about the metric)

  • Add-on products such as the Enterprise Options and Management Packs must match the number of licenses of the associated product
  • Functional dependencies may exist among products. Such dependencies must be licensed separately as prerequisite products
  • Minimums are used in conjunction with license metrics and refer to the minimum number of licenses a customer is required when licensing Oracle software
    • License actual usage or minimum, whichever is greater

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