Oracle License Review

Oracle License Review

It can be a very challenging task to manage multiple licensing terms and conditions while maintaining an accurate, up-to-date view of usage. IT environments are increasingly moving to the cloud, which makes it even more difficult to maintain compliance. Organisational structures do constantly change and ever increasingly the IT environments are becoming virtual.

These lead to Oracle users becoming non-compliant without even realising. This happens through end-user behavior, a misinterpretation of their contractual entitlements etc. At AKoft we understand that most instances of license over usage are unintentional, however, Oracle would always strive to protect their intellectual property.

That is why our Oracle License Review services are entirely focused on the prevention of overuse, as well as:

  • We help our clients to proactively maintain their compliance position and empower them with the visibility of their compliance position.
  • Internal controls are validated through access to verified usage data.

We can provide in-depth expertise and objective advice. With our expanded knowledge of Oracle licensing, we can help optimise your Oracle investment, and ensure compliance, hence reducing legal and operational risks.

AKoft is exclusively focused on license management. We do not have any affiliation with Oracle or its partners. Neither are we a reseller of Oracle products. Therefore, we have no vested interests in any non-compliance positions. We help our clients to make an informed decision for their specific requirements and circumstances. Our services are delivered by a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants who collectively offer unrivaled knowledge on all aspects of Oracle’s licensing policy.