Pricing Advice

Pricing Advice

It’s understandable – with such an overwhelming number of pricing models, strategies and tactics available, it’s almost impossible to know where to start.

Traditionally software pricing has been notoriously complex. It is not uncommon for users to often end up frustrated with long list of fees and the detailed calculations behind them. This complexity arises from the fact that software is largely intangible, costs a lot to engineer, and costs next to nothing to reproduce.

It has never been more important than now to seek the correct pricing advice that is suited to your needs. The IT industry is expanding and developing at a rapid pace; consider cloud computing, multicore processing and the use of mobile devices etc. But it is not impossible to reduce costs and increase productivity – it just requires a little thought. At AKoft we are confident that we can deliver real value to our clients through our team of expert pricing advisory consultants.

AKoft has no financial interest with Oracle or any of its partners. As a result, we can offer impartial and independent pricing advice for our clients. We are also in an advantageous position of having in-depth knowledge of the various Oracle pricing models and metrics. You can be rest assured that we will find the best possible pricing solutions that matches your exact requirements.

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